Monday, May 16, 2011

Horrors! British Lingerie Ads Deemed Too Sexually Suggestive

Um, they are lingerie ads.
A series of M&S lingerie adverts have come under fire for their 'provocative' content.

The advertisements, featuring close-up images of a model's cleavage coupled with slogans such as 'Perfect fits' have drawn complaints from viewers who deemed the posters too sexually suggestive to be shown where children might see them.

The adverts were among 8,000 over the past three years that have attracted complaints because of their effects on children, according to analysis from the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

Fashion brand Diesel also featured in the list thanks to its controversial campaign showing a woman taking a photograph down her bikini bottoms while a lion approaches, and a second featuring a woman revealing her breasts to a CCTV camera.

At the time of broadcast, the M&S adverts were cleared for use, deemed a 'fair' way to advertise adult lingerie, but both Diesel ads were banned from being used as billboard posters.

The ASA ordered that the images could only be used in adult magazines, saying they considered they might 'encourage behaviour that was anti-social or irresponsible'.
Needless to say, the ads are turning heads:

More suggestive and provocative ads at the link. You're welcome.

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III said...

well - in the UK, it would only take one muzzie raghead saying that if was offensive, to send the government scuttling off to do their bidding. Mebbe airbrush a burkha over the ad.