Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'It's Good for Depression, Stress and Bed Wetting'

That herbal "Viagra" found in Osama bin Laden's putrid hovel apparently is a very popular item in New York City.
Avena, the herbal "Viagra" found in Osama Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, is readily available and popular in New York.

"It's one of our most popular items," said Lata Kennedy, 45, owner of Flower Power, an herbal supplement shop on E. 9th St. in the East Village. "It's a restorative remedy and New Yorkers need it."

The shop sells dozens of bottles a week of the wild oat extract at $11.70 an ounce, Kennedy said.

"It's about male virility," said Jo-Jo Sherrow, 36, a salesperson at Flower Power. "It increases male sperm count and motility."
Keith Olbermann must buy the stuff by the case.
Avena's boosters say its benefits go way beyond virility.

"It's good for depression, stress and bed wetting," said a salesperson who declined to give her name at Commodities, an organic produce store on 1st Ave. in the East Village.

"Maybe he was depressed and stressed," the salesperson said of Bin Laden.
Aww, poor Osama.

Speaking of Olbermann, after his latest meltdown on Twitter, we noticed he's engaged Bill Simmons in a slapfight. I like this one from Simmons.
@keitholbermann Lemme think about it. Good luck with your new gig on Torrent TV.
Then this zinger.
@keitholbermann You shouldn't tell people how to act. You've burned bridges at 3 different companies. Nobody wants to hear it from you.

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