Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Low Rated Cable Host Sued Over TV Deal

Honestly, if I were the one responsibly for unleashing this plague upon Americans I'd probably be keeping a very low profile.
An NBC employee claims MSNBC host Ed Schultz owes him 25 percent of his TV earnings because he developed the network's "The Ed Show." Michael Queen -- an NBC broadcast engineer -- alleges in a lawsuit that he pitched an idea for a show to be hosted by Schultz to MSNBC's Phil Griffin in 2008. "Almost a year after Queen had pitched the show to Phil Griffin, and Griffin turned down the show, Griffin called Schultz and hired him directly for 'The Ed Show,' " the court papers state. Queen also claims that he found an apartment for Schultz and his wife in Washington, DC, and even loaned him a car for three months for free. Queen told us: "We picked them up from the airport, and went shopping for them -- all while helping them become millionaires, and we received nothing." Schultz's attorney, Jeffrey Landa, told us that Queen and Schultz once worked together on a pilot for a syndicated weekly show at a local Washington, DC, affiliate, and that Schultz has no further obligation to Queen.
Schultz likes to portray himself as a champion of the little guy. How about taking care of the people who helped get you where you are, fatboy?

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