Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sergeant Schultz: Bin Laden's Death Will Be the Republicans' "Waterloo"

I know we've already honored Bill Richardson with the Crazy Person of the Day award, but here we have a solid runner-up who should not go unmentioned.

Please, please - watch the video if you want to fully appreciate teh stoopid, laid bare with Schultz's trademark buffoonish delivery.
"Osama bin Laden is the Republicans' Waterloo on national security. They don't have the upper hand. Their plan didn't work for all those years. They did the illegal activity and it didn't work. And it was President Obama and it was the Democrats who have supported this strategy that was well played out on the campaign trail and now is enacted big time and we're getting ... results!"
It's a shame nobody bothered to inform Mr. Ed that it was the Republican plan that actually worked, not Obama's. Fortunately, the American people are way smarter than Schultz.

Then again, so is my pocket lint.


Link h/t's to Mark Levin; photoshop via Newsreal.

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the wolf said...

So the strategy implemented by the Bush administration which the Dems hated but then was adopted wholesale by the Obama administration has worked, and that somehow is a repudiation of Republicans?  Boy that Richardson is as sharp as a marble.