Thursday, May 05, 2011

State-Run Media Blames 'Spring Break' Layoffs for Jobless Surge

Well, this is sure an original excuse.
New U.S. claims for unemployment aid unexpectedly rose last week to touch their highest level in eight months, pushed up by factors ranging from spring break layoffs to the introduction of an emergency benefits program, a government report showed on Thursday.
Spring break layoffs? If anything, wouldn't more people in warm climate have jobs due to spring break and all the tourism?

How pathetically lame.

Back in the winter they blamed the snow. Now they're blaming spring break.

What a joke.


Bloghooligan said...

Not to mention, "spring break" is an expected event.

Jon1979 said...

It's also generally in March, which would make it a bit hard to dampen late April's unemployment numbers.

uncledan said...

The funny thing about this is that in the financial blog I watched the comments were betting if Spring Break would be one of the excuses.