Monday, May 16, 2011

There Are White Sovereign Citizens?

Well this goes to show how our views on some things are crafted by events close to home.

"60 Minutes" recently did a piece on a group of people who refer to themselves as sovereign citizens. With the exception of mentioning Wesley Snipes who they say spouts some sovereign citizen rhetoric and the picture on a phony driver's license of a black women you would have come away with the impression that this group is a band of white domestic terrorists.

I was very surprised. Around Georgia we have had several sovereign citizens make the news but they have always been black. I always thought this was sub culture within the African American community.

So while CBS leaves the viewer with the impression of a far right wing libertarian group, dare we say close cousins of the Tea Party folks, for years I always thought it was a black community phenomenon. Wonder why they left our sovereign citizens out of their reporting?

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