Wednesday, June 08, 2011

51% Of Weiner's Constituents Very Naive

That is the results of a poll conducted among his district. All I have to say is that is a large concentration of gullible and naive people. I wonder how many of them made bids on The Brooklyn Bridge on EBay?

Your congressman is a liar and a pervert and yet they don't think this in any way impacts his ability to represent you in congress. In fact in the video that goes along with this little poll several people say just that. These people are naive enough to think that all he lies about is who he sends suggestive pictures to. I just can't grasp how people on the one hand can dismiss lies and coverups and smears on one matter and then say oh but he wouldn't do that on things healthcare legislation or national security matters or the economy. No, we can completely trust him on those things.

One question for these folks. Do you now think twice before opening an email from his office or reading an online newsletter from him out of fear of what might pop up? Especially if your boss happens to be looking over your shoulder?

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uncledan said...

Good! Keep him in there! Waste the Democrats' time with this whole mess. Just look at the news this morning - this is what, day 12 or 13 of Weinergate and it's still one of the hottest stories out there. Go Democrats! Dig in! Stay stuck on stupid! And note to Republicans - SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF THEIR WAY!

Michael Ryan said...

I think you're overlooking the possibility that he really does represent their views, mores, and culture.