Monday, June 06, 2011

Bombshell: New Woman Comes Forward With Info on Weiner

No wonder he's been in virtual seclusion since his ill-fated press conferences last week. He must have come to the realization there are other out there he's sent his junk mail to.

Of course this is Andrew Breitbart breaking the news, so the left will have an extremely difficult time dealing with this reality. Well, that's their problem.
A new woman has come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). These appear to undermine severely Rep. Weiner’s explanations that he was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The detailed new information suggests that the Brooklyn- and Queens-based representative and the young woman in question were involved in an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs.
This one should be exploding today.

How much long can Weiner pretend he was hacked? Not much longer, apparently. Even the most diehard Kool-Aid slurpers aren't buying his nonsense any more.
If Weiner did take that picture and did send it to this young woman, he's through; it would mean he was lying about the hacking, and is the latest example of why creep is short for creepy. If he took that picture of himself for any reason, if that really is him, then he's just a dope, even in a world where other dopes seem to think sending pictures like that to women are some kind of go-to move.

It is no surprise that Weiner would have a Twitter account and use it to toss off insults and one-liners at Republican opponents. He is perfect for Twitter, and a modern world where there are supposed to be no unspoken thoughts, ever, where even those from the House of Representatives think that the whole world is hanging on their every word.

Can Weiner get past this? Nobody, not even Weiner, who didn't show up for the Celebrate Israel Parade Sunday because neither would you, can say that with certitude. But you can be certain of this:

If Rep. Anthony Weiner has been lying about this, and that means any of it, then the real jackass of the story is him.

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