Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Deranged MSNBC Host: Flag on Palin's Bus a Violation of Federal Law or Something

Good grief, these people are insane.

Via The Blaze.


srdem65 said...

Thank you Sarah.  It's so much fun watching the MSM chasing a "can't win, irrelevant, stupid, know nothing, polarizing, but beautiful" NON-candidate for President.   LOL! said...

Indeed they are.
I wonder who dresses him in the morning and who pre-chews his food for him, because he clearly cannot handle eating utensils safely.

Jim Ramsey said...

msnbc hired this guy because of his faux British accent; when will they learn he has no brain? What rock did this muzzie-lover crawl out from , anyway? Stupidity combined with ignorance is a deadly combination, and with him retaining his position at msnbc, it only shows how really stupid those above him at msnbc are.