Thursday, June 09, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip: Another Weiner Sexting Babe Emerges

Recall this lying swine said it was "about six" women he had online relationships with. I think this one makes it number five that we know of. Girl Number Six, come on down!
A fifth woman has emerged late tonight in relation to the Rep. Anthony Weiner online sex scandal, this time through no fault of her own. Traci Nobles of Athens, Georgia mistakenly left her Facebook account open near her roommate, who without her knowledge sent exchanges between the Congressman and Rep. Weiner to the Las Vegas Sun.

The messages between Nobles and Weiner, according to the Sun, were tame compared to some of the others released in the past two days, though they used language like “sexy” and “sugar.” Nobles had no intention of releasing them, however, despite leaving some racy messages to him publicly, things like asking him to do his legislative work naked. She immediately sent a message to the Sun after discovering what her roommate had done.
Just can't trust anyone these days. The Daily Mail has more.
She refers to herself as a liberal on Facebook and is friends with Weiner on the site.

She has also previously publicly shared her affection for the congressman, posting several suggestive messages on his public campaign site.

In one she requests to sit on his lap after the midterm elections and in others she suggests he should work naked.

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uncledan said...

Her roomate sent the photos? Uhhh... yeah. These women are as bad a bunch of liars as the Congressman.