Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Former "Friend of Weiner" Donald Trump Weighs In: "He's a Psycho"

This is quite the blistering Weiner rant here by the Donald.

What I find most interesting about it is the way Trump completely papers over the max contributions he donated to the sleazeball Congressman in 2007 and 2010.

Who does he think he's kidding?
"Many people have been asking me about Anthony Weiner, the Congressman from New York who had big ambitions and wanted to run for the Mayor of New York City.

The fact is, I know him well. He'd call me all the time looking for campaign contributions. It would never stop. He gave me all sorts of phone numbers.

Fortunately, I don't think I ever called him.

The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy. He's a pyscho.


The fact is, one thing good came out of Anthony's mess: I'll never have to give him campaign contributions. And that's really wonderful."
Translation: Trump will donate money to any politician - even a "bad guy" or a "psycho" - because, hey, that's what business guys do to get things done (wink-wink).

He draws the line though when the politician in question tweets crotch-shots to young women and blatantly lies about it for over a week. Or something.

Anyway, what was the point of this post again? Oh right - check out Trump throwing Weiner right under the bus!


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