Monday, June 13, 2011

Open Borders Leads to Concentration Camp Style Transportation

This is the side of the illegal immigration issue that it's defenders don't want you to see. Some people would say this falls into the category of unintended consequences, but to me it is just an expected result of allowing anybody and everybody into our country. These folks never got that chance since they were caught at the southern Mexican border, and notice that those involved in the transportation of these illegals were sent to a Mexican maximum security prison. None of this waiting on a court to determine their status or wrangling over their good intentions.
Each year, hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants cross Mexico's southern border on their way to the United States. They are often smuggled in brutal conditions, packed tightly inside tractor trailers on long journeys. They are subject to robbery, extortion and kidnapping along the way.

Loa, a 23-year-old from El Salvador, was among the migrants detained Sunday. He was prohibited by immigration authorities from giving his last name.

Visibly haggard, Loa was buying a meat-filled sandwich passed to him through prison bars from a street vendor.

"It was very hot and we had no water," he told The Associated Press about his trek, which began Friday. His plan had been to reach Los Angeles.
According to the United Nations the business of bringing illegals to America is a $6 billion dollar a year business.

So all you bleeding heart liberals you need to take ownership of this also for fostering a climate that enables the smugglers to thrive and for setting the conditions which make these people want to engage in this sort of behavior. Maybe your time, money and efforts would be better spent trying to get the countries south of the border to develop halfway decent business climates in those countries so these people would not be subjected to such risks.
In May, 513 people were apprehended in two trailers in Chiapas, bordering Guatemala. They represented a cargo worth at least $3.5 million. Another trailer filled with 219 people was discovered in January.
Wait, on second thought, never mind. After what liberals have been able to do to our economy and fostering such a hate filled anti-business climate in this country these people would be better off without anymore liberal help.

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srdem65 said...

It's getting to be summer here in Arizona. Our deserts that the illegal aliens must trek across are brutally hot and more will die from heat exhaustion again.   Hundreds of these people die in our desert every year.
If they manage to cross the desert or arrive in inhumane transportation they will be treated as slaves who must work for little or no pay by those who exploit their fear of being discovered.
Securing our borders is not about 'racism' but about human dignity and those who encourage the illegal crossers should bow their heads in shame.