Thursday, June 02, 2011

White House: No, We Weren't Hacked by the ChiComs

I guess we're supposed to believe them since they'd never lie to us, right?
The White House says no official U.S. government email accounts were accessed during what Google alleges was Chinese hacking of its email systems.

Obama spokesman Jay Carney says the FBI is investigating Google's allegations, but had no comment on whether China was involved. Google says personal Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior U.S. government officials, military personnel and political activists, were exposed.
In all likelihood they wouldn't want to admit it if, as stated, Google says government, military and political activists were hacked.

I doubt they have to hack any left-wing activists since they'd all probably be glad to give it up for the ChiComs.

If we are to believe them, then obviously our government officials all have secure systems, huh? Which makes the weak theory floated by the left that Anthony Weiner was "hacked" by some random "prankster" now null and void.

I've been rather busy today. Has the left concocted any more ridiculous excuses for Weiner today?

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Jim said...

Well, if they did admit to being hacked by the Chinese, then they'd have to declare war as per the new Cyber Command directives...