Sunday, August 07, 2011

George Will Notes 121 Democrats are Economic Terrorists

Fomrer White House car czar Steven Rattner, who agreed to a $10 million settlement in a kickback scheme, recently called Republicans economic terrorists. Today on This Week he was gangster-slapped by George Will.
Later Will reminded Rattner that he also compared the Tea Party to suicide bombers, which Rattner denied. Although ABC’s Cokie Roberts settled that mini-debate by confirming “terrorists are suicide bombers.” Not to mention the fact that Rattner’s exact words were that members of the Tea Party were essentially strapping dynamite to their chest as a negotiation strategy. Yet, if the Tea Party members who opposed raising the debt ceiling were “terrorists,” since that was the only way possible to avoid default, then Will had a shocking revelation for Rattner regarding who voted for eventual debt deal that passed:

“You do know that 95 House Democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling as compared to only 66 House Republicans. You do know that 26 Democratic Senators voted against raising the debt ceiling?”

That’s right, by Rattner’s logic then, it’s actually the Democratic party that has more “terrorists” amongst their ranks since more of them voted against raising the debt ceiling at the last crucial moment. What should be embarrassing for Rattner and others who have resorted to such “violent rhetoric” to describe the peaceful and persistent views of the Tea Party is that it’s become clear they would prefer to belittle a viewpoint popular with many, rather than attempt to convince more Americans of the merits of their philosophy.


gaultfalcon said...

You do not give a crack addict more crack to solve their crack addiction.  Period.  Sure.  The addict will try to negotiate a "compromise" with you to get more crack but you don't give them the crack.

Why don't these Tea Party candidates simply point out that there have been over $14 trillion of previous compromises and that we're all out of them now?

David Spence said...

Once I saw the face of Amanpour, I couldn't push the play button.

RamblingMother said...

the constitution is a "problem" now huh?