Monday, August 15, 2011

Great American Downgrade: How the Left Hijacked America

The relentless assault on the Tea Party continues. The latest installment is from the irrelevant Time magazine, with the requisite "hijacking" analogy. I guess we could say the same thing about Obama and the left hijacking American's economic future with their wasteful spending. The cover story is, of course, authored by Obama pal Fareed Zakaria.

Meanwhile, political "experts" are once again writing the premature obituary for those hijacking tea partiers. Not to be outdone, Dingy Harry says the Tea Party will soon fade away.

These folks are in for a rude awakening come November 2012.

1 comment:

Rose said...

"These folks are in for a rude awakening come November 2012."

AMEN!  SADLY, though, not nearly as rudely as they have earned!
I'd give a lot to see America spunky enough to give it to them as they have EARNED.