Sunday, August 14, 2011

'The President is Excited About the Opportunity to Get Out of Washington'

Just imagine the excitement level when he permanently leaves Washington.
As he kicks off a three-day Midwest bus trip today, Obama is determined to listen to the woes and worries of Americans in places such as Cannon Falls, Minn.; Peosta, Iowa; and Alpha, Ill. He will propose some initiatives to help rural areas beset by aging and declining populations, but broader elixirs for the nation's economy will have to wait until September.

"There's not a plan for a major economic policy speech," said White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer. After being "trapped" in Washington during lengthy negotiations over raising the nation's borrowing limit, Pfeiffer said, "the president is excited about the opportunity to get out of Washington."
Trapped in Washington? I recall seeing him bouncing all over to parties in fundraisers in recent weeks. What this trapped nonsense? If he feels so trapped in DC, why not just skip the re-election campaign so he no longer feels trapped?

Of course, he won't be trapped much longer.
The trip falls on the eve of Obama's scheduled 10-day family vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. For that reason, it will offer one of the last opportunities this summer for the president to address both the nation's continuing economic troubles and his prescriptions for fixing them.


Rose said...

Why doesn't he RESIGN? Blubbering Fool!

One person I saw had the perfect response to this debacle - he called it the Blunder Bus!

Just another BLEED of Tax Payer Dollars - how many could have been hired for new job if not for his PERSONAL extravagances at TAXPAYER EXPENSE for what should be coming out of his own pocket?
What a pure Donkey.

kj said...

I thought he was concentrating on jobs from the time he went to bed and the first thing in the morning when he woke up.  But now it's this????  "He will propose some initiatives to help rural areas beset by aging and declining populations"?????  More government intrusion in the midst of campaigning that we have to pay for (not a campaign trip my Butt).  Maybe he should name it "Not a Campaign Trip Bus Tour".  What a bunch of hypocrites.  I sure hope everyone in those areas get out in huge crowds to protest him at every single stop.

A Conservative Teacher said...

Didn't he just get out of Washington for a vacation to Martha's vineyard, and before that he was in NY for a fundraiser (all in the past week or two). How much time does he actually spend in his office, working?