Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Great: Now Republicans are Carjackers or Something

It's probably a safe bet anyone who practices carjacking is a card-carrying Democrat, but it would be racist to say that. But given the state of the Democrat and media meltdown the past few days, being called a racist is child's play.

Here we have some imbecile named Ruth Marcus, an obvious affirmative action hire by the Washington Post, which I'm told was once a great newspaper. Naturally, this hack down in the gutter pretty quickly As bad as things have gotten of late, can you imagine the hatefest coming our way as Obama heads toward defeat 15 months from now?
Welcome to the new Washington normal: endless rounds of legislative carjacking.

Perhaps that’s unduly grim — pessimism fueled by the exhaustion of the moment. Perhaps, having peered into the abyss of political gridlock and economic collapse, those Republicans who pushed things to the brink this time will be chastened on the next round.
Exhaustion? Ruth, baby, come back to us. How exhausting can it be sitting wherever you are tossing around verbal grenades? Maybe you need more than the three months vacation you probably clock every year.
Perhaps, but I’m sticking with pessimism. One side wanted the car, had a gun and wasn’t afraid — certainly not afraid enough — to use it. The other had a child in the back seat.
Wait, let me guess. The Republicans not only want to steal the car, now they going to kill the kids too!

Ruth is slow on the draw. She clearly hasn't realized we've moved on from the talk about hostages and on to the GOP being another incarnation of the Taliban.
There is no shortage of hostages, and no reason to imagine that the hostage-takers are anything but emboldened. If anything, the worry is that the tactic extends beyond the fiscal arena.
I'm almost nostalgic for those heady days seven months back when out moral superiors lectured us about the New Tone and the New Civility.

Good times, good times.

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Liberty said...

You know, I think maybe the final Leftist mental meltdown has begun.  Just saw that.  An excellent development if I don't say so myself.  Close observation to follow.


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