Wednesday, August 03, 2011

'Maybe He Hasn't Noticed or Doesn't Care, But the Country is Giving Up On Him'

I'm not of the mind that Barack Obama doesn't care about his fortunes in the wake of the debt deal hammered out this week. He obviously cares since he's now jetting off for his biggest fundraisers of his re-election campaign. Yet judging by his attitude Tuesday, he doesn't seem to care he boring as hell and unable to rid himself of his tiresome cliches.
This isn't dysfunction. This is a successful democracy taking action. It was messy and flawed and nobody loves it. But the deal proves compromise still can work in a divided country.

Yet the result doesn't suit our president, who has an itch for punishing wealth and more spending. To scratch it, he turns reflexively to scapegoating. The man who promised to unite the nation instead relishes dividing it at every opportunity.

So we heard again that the evil "oil companies" and "billionaires" and the "wealthy" and "big corporations" need to "pay their fair share." Doesn't he ever get tired of saying the same things?

I don't know which is worse: That he really believes such drivel will help America, or that he's cynically throwing red meat to the Bubbas of his far-left base. Either way, he needs new material.

But the debt debate made it clear that Obama's idea shop is running on fumes. Like a broken record, he's stuck on the same song -- bigger government, higher taxes. No matter the circumstance, he repeats the mantra.

For such a smart guy, he's proving to be a slow learner about what works, and doesn't. He, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had their unfettered way for two years, and they blew a giant hole in the budget without getting much bang for taxpayers' bucks.

Unemployment is a staggering 9.2 percent and rising, and most economists believe the economy is in serious danger of a double-dip recession. Obama's answer: Let's do it all again.

He gives lip service to the pain of the unemployed and underemployed, then trots out the old ideas. Usually he doesn't even bother to repackage them.

Maybe he hasn't noticed or doesn't care, but the country is giving up on him. The shellacking his party and policies took in the 2010 midterms would be repeated if there were an election today. He's sinking, and his approval is now a woeful 40 percent -- that's Jimmy Carter territory.
If his ratings were at 60% we'd never hear the end of it from his media toadies. Instead his poll numbers are pretty much subject to blackout.

Meanwhile, now that he's got a couple more trillion to waste, it's party time.
Obama’s fund-raising team is using his birthday to plan events across the nation designed to benefit his 2012 re-election bid — both to organize and to raise cash.

† About 1,500 donors are expected at the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown for a concert with Herbie Hancock, Jennifer Hudson and OK Go. The tab runs from $50 a person to $35,800, which includes a private dinner with Obama.

† There will be 1,167 house parties across the nation today, designed to help build the field operation and Obama will speak to them and take questions from backstage at the Aragon via a Web video conference.

† A team of surrogates is being deployed to events in seven cities.
His only success as president has been raising money. Clearly there's no shortage of idiots will to waste money on the guy.


Richard654 said...

Earning more money is beyond my pay grade now. :(

Milton Wolf said...

Great post! Here's a related piece, my latest Wash Times column:

killian king said...

How do you type with your head up your rear end?

El Khoong said...

Are they "idiots"? Like those Goldman Sachs idiots who got billions of taxpayers' money to stimulate their bonuses? Or that idiot sugar daddy Soros who got billions in his Petrobras? It's the payoffs they are looking at. The real idiots are the voters who voted for him expecting a little scrap from the table.

Instead of the evil "oil companies" and "billionaires" and the "wealthy" and "big corporations" need to "pay their fair share," he pays off the billionaires and the wealthy with our money.

John Galt said...

<span>Dear Pat, yesterday I would have agreed to everything you just wrote. </span>
<span>Today, I read the piece "Reasons Why Obama Should Be Re-Elected" at <span></span></span>
<span>Ten-plus short conclusions that cannot be disputed; or perhaps you can.</span>

Jack Straw said...

I don't agree with the premise of the title in the article.  Obama's favorability ratings are stable, and have been for a year.  This is a different index than the approval ratings.  The former speaks to what people think about the man, while the latter speaks to what they think about his policies.

I think you are conflating the two notions, though you seem to be speaking more to the former.  And in that case, a quick look at Pollster or an RCP aggregate index regarding favorability contradicts your stated opinion in that regard.

jgreene said...

I'm afraid that saying that this DOOFUS in the White House is "smart" isn't proving to be so.  He is of average intelligence; he has NO EXPERIENCE in anythinng but "community organizing" and the Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah White's bigoted "church".  He's an empty-suit, always has been; a socialist-Marxist LOSER.

DANEgerus said...

"Smart" implies a mind open enough to learn.  As an example consider the Iraqi "Surge" Obama was against before and after it worked.  When he copied the strategy in Afghanistan he was so petty he wouldn't use the word "Surge" and undermined it by declaring withdrawal dates.

I'm sure he would be happier if it failed.

mark gorsky said...

"But the Country is Giving Up On Him"

May be country is giving up on Barry but polls don't show it. In fact for a year Barry The Magnificient had stable polls in Job Approval category where is is most vulnerable.

See for yourself (from an excellent write-up by Alexis Zarkov at VFR site:

1. Go to
2. Click on "Obama Overall"
3. Click on "Tools" to bring up the menu
4. Click on "Choices" and de-select "disapprove"
5. Click on "Date Range" and go back about six months
6. Click on "Pct Range" and enter 40 and 55 in the range box and click on "Set Range"
7. Click on "Tools" again to get rid of the control panel
Now you will have a plot that shows how Obama's approval rating is changing that's not influenced by a single poll. It is veeeeery slowly declining but stays between 42-44% which is a very good number for a total failure of a President.

Of course Obama is not you garden variety failed President. Jorge Bush would be at 15% in the similar situation.

Barry The One has virtually 100% of blacks and at least 75% of Hispanics locked-up and even Obama raping a white woman on live TV will not change blacks/hispanics polls much.
Blacks/hispanics together have 35% of population, their numbers are lower for citizens and especially registered voters and likely voters. But many polls don't account for blacks/hispanics lower voting participation.

Anyway Barry's absolute hard floor in polls is about 25-30% just from blacks/hispanics. Add another 10-15% of marxist/anti-american left and you will never see Obama's approval polls below 35%, double-deep recession, depression or Muslim conquest of Virginia.

Bonfire of the Idiocies said...

Yeah, without the media smokescreen, the political correctness factor and the "dead dog" democrats (i.e. those minority and other voters who would pull the "D" lever even if a dead dog was the candidate) Obama would have trouble raising money for a ticket back to Chicago right now.

somercet said...

Dude, have you seen what the media did for Roman Polanski? For (to a lesser extent) Bill Clinton? The race of the woman would hardly matter.

Beckoning said...

"† A team of surrogates is being deployed to events in seven cities."

Can someone tell me what this means?  Are they talking about Obama look-alikes?