Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hill Stenographer: Obama a 'Wild Man' Unleashed on Midwest

This would be embarrassing copy if a teeny-bopper submitted it to Tiger Beat. The fact it's in The Hill, supposedly a respected publication, is yet the latest indication some in the DC media are hopelessly in the tank for the failed president.
As Obama tore through the Midwest and his Republican opponents this week, Democrats in Washington and around the country probably were hit with a wave of nostalgia.
Tore through the midwest? In what resembles a giant hearse? Where are the adoring crowds lining the road overcome with this alleged wave of nostalgia? Well, there aren't any.
The president has his swagger back, and he has returned to a crowded campaign trail sending notice: He has no intention of just giving this thing away.
Really, he has his swagger back? And this is exemplified how, exactly? By whining at every opportunity? Running away from Ryan Rhodes sure demonstrated that lost swagger, didn't it?
Obama now is using his anger. He is a wild man loosed upon the Midwest, and in some ways, he is already shaping the 2012 battlefield to his liking.
Seriously, what the hell is this idiot Sam Youngman watching?
If Obama brings his populist, anti-Washington anger back to the White House, pulling out the brass knuckles to battle with Congress, Democrats will rally around him.
Populist, anti-Washington anger ... at the White House? Is this guy for real? Obama is Washington. Trying to pretend otherwise is sheer fantasy. There are plenty of anti-Washington types now running, the latest to announce is the Governor of Texas. So if people want an anti-Washington candidate, why is the media on an all-out jihad against Rick Perry?
But for now, Obama has the fight he wants. He has opponents, he has villains and perhaps most importantly, he appears to have his groove back.
He's got his groove back? Good grief. Sam, the 90s called, they want their cliches back.

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