Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Approval Hits New Low in New Jersey

I'm starting to notice a trend here. Yesterday the bombshell came that the failed president has hit a record low of 36% in New York. Now a new Quinnipiac poll released this morning show Obama fading to just 44% in New Jersey.
President Barack Obama is headed in the wrong direction as New Jersey voters disapprove 52 - 44 percent of the job he is doing, down from a 50 - 46 percent positive score June 21 and the president's lowest score ever in the Garden State.
New Jersey voters say 49 - 45 percent that Obama does not deserve to be reelected, but say 45 - 37 percent that they would vote for Obama over an unnamed Republican challenger in the 2012 presidential race.
We'll see about that next November. If he's polling well under 50%, he won't be winning the state, let alone nationally.

Governor Christie, meanwhile, is more popular than Obama.
New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie stops his slide and flattens out with a 47 - 46 percent job approval rating from New Jersey voters, his best score in four months, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

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southernsue said...

fine for christie, however, he appointed a muslim for judge.

will not vote for anyone that puts muslims in our government institutions.

i will never believe that there are peace loving muslims. they are here to kill us and are awaiting the jihad call.

i also pray obama loses this election because he is a closet muslim, doing everything in his power to kill America as we know it.