Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iran Condemns 'Savage Crackdown' in Britain

Two years after the Iranians brutally murdered their own citizens, these freaks have the nerve to protest the authorities in the UK.
Scores of hardline Iranian university students gathered outside the British embassy in Tehran today to condemn Britain’s 'savage' suppression of a 'popular uprising' against the 'dictatorial royal regime of England'.

Many chose to wear masks of Mark Duggan, the man shot dead by police that sparked the riots, during their state-sponsored protest while others displayed placards.

One poster brought by a protester said 'Death to the corrupt British monarchy' while another proclaimed 'Royal wedding equals economic austerity.'

Police were on hand to ensure that events did not turn violent.

Since last week's protests, Tehran has seized on the turmoil created by the riots to make propaganda against London, who have angered the Islamic republic by being a leading critic of its human rights record.

Despite their supposed horror at the mayhem in British cities, Iranian officials have also made it clear they have no desire to see it end.

The head of Iran’s Basij street militia, Brigadier Mohammad Reza Naghdi, predicted on Saturday that the 'popular awakening' in Britain was 'just the beginning' and it 'would spread to the heart of Europe'.

And a senior parliamentarian, Parviz Sorouri, said: 'The world is now coming to the conclusion that Western civilisation has no foundation and is unreal.'

In the past week, Iran’s authoritarian regime has teased London with offers to send human rights observers to Britain.
It's almost as if they're parroting leading Democrats when they whine about everything.
Parliamentarians and conservative newspapers in Tehran have variously blamed the turmoil in Britain on human rights violations, 'chronic injustice', racism, social deprivation and the rise of student tuition fees.
Good thing there's no Tea Party over there or they'd be lumped in.

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Rose said...

I remember Neta, shot down in Iranian streets for protesting against Ahmadinijab's crooked, rigged "re-election"... I have other photos of Iranian martyrs, really too gross to share...