Sunday, August 14, 2011

Animal Rights Wacko Brigitte Bardot Demands 'Pardon' For Savage Dog Who Mauled Child

You really have to wonder what goes on in the minds of idiots like this.
Brigitte Bardot has been criticised for trying to save the life of a bull terrier that left a girl of four disfigured.

The dog’s owners demanded it be put down after it mauled their little girl last month, leaving her with horrific injuries to her face and body.

But Miss Bardot, 76, has asked the local mayor to spare six-year-old Prince after the attack in Boulogne.

Prince is considered one of the most dangerous dogs in France.

He is currently being held in a secure kennel prior to lethal injection following the horrific attack on the little girl in July.

Prince attacked the child in her sleep, leaving her with facial injuries which required maxillofacial surgery.

When his owners contacted the pet shop where they had bought him three weeks earlier they learned that he had started eating his previous owner – a pensioner who had died of old age.
Maybe Bardot should take the dog in herself. Then he could chew on her.
An editorial in the influential political weekly Le Nouvel Observateur said Bardot’s actions were ‘outrageous, shocking and sad’, adding: ‘You’ve followed her desire to save the Monster of Boulogne, an eight-year-old Bull Terrier. Our western world is so dehumanized that people prefer animals, especially dogs.’

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