Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Propping Up President Downgrade: Obama Still Awesomely Popular in New England in Poll Taken From January to June

In what could well be the lamest attempt at making President Downgrade look good, I came across a piece on New England Cable News this morning where they cite Gallup poll numbers showing New England states reportedly giving Obama high approval ratings for the most part. Just one minor little problem. The poll was taken from January to June. Yet they cite it as "the latest" poll numbers.

Um, hello: It's August 9, people!
As Wall Street continue to see roller coaster figures, many people are blaming the president for the country's economic woes.

Leslie Gaydos hit the streets of Boston to hear what local have to say about President Obama's role in the mess.

"I think he's doing a great job," said one local, "And if he had a little more support from the other side things would be a lot better."

But not everyone agrees.

"he's shown no leadership," said another resident, "not surprised by any of this. When's somebody going to be the grown-up and stand up, take charge? ... I give him a zero."

Gallop polls show the president's approval rating is above 50% in 16 states and Washington, D.C. The poll was taken between January and June, so it does not consider the recent debt-ceiling debate, nor the U.S. credit downgrade.
Gallop? Really, are you people that stupid? Apparently. And citing a poll as "the latest" and not factoring in messy little details such as the credit downgrade and sky-high unemployment? Can it get any lamer?

If you look at the numbers that appear he's at 50% or lower in three states, which spell certain doom next year.

For the record, the real Gallup nationwide numbers currently show Obama at 43% approval nationwide, with 48% disapproval. Those are the latest numbers.

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Polimerican said...

The latest, latest numbers are far worse. He dropped 3 points overnight and he's at 40-50. Stay tuned as 3 point 1-day drop could well mean that Obama hits the 30s for the first time when tomorrow's numbers are released.

Oh yeah...and let's not forget that Gallup is polling "adults." Not "registered voters" and not "likely voters." That typically produces a D+7 result.