Tuesday, August 09, 2011

'He's Turned Into a Gutless, Quivering Wimp'

Granted, this woman is completely clueless as to why the market is tanking and why our credit has been downgraded, but at least she realizes what a sniveling worm Obama is. When you've got the diehard Koolaid drinkers in such a lather, a primary challenge can't be far off.
Yesterday we really, really needed Barack Obama to hit one out of the park. Instead he got up to the plate and choked. Again.

I felt worse when he finished than when he began. So did the stock market, which kept dropping and dropping post-speech as analysts talked about the “fear index” and nervousness turned to outright panic.

Did you notice? This president — who once had a silver tongue, who promised us the world — looked left into his teleprompter yesterday. He looked right into his teleprompter. Not once did he look the camera, or us, straight in the eye. It’s what people do when they’re lying.

I don’t believe he’s lying. I do think he’s rudderless and scared, which makes me petrified.

“No matter what some agency may say,” he said, “we’ve always been and always will be a triple-A country.”

Really? That little pep talk was as unconvincing as a little league coach reassuring kids who just got crushed.
It's not necessarily that he was scared. He's got other things on his mind. Like fundraisers, golf and vacations. Maybe he's just realize the fact he's blown up the economy is putting a damper on all the fun.
Barack Obama needed to restore our confidence, reassure us he’s got a handle on this mess and has some sort of plan in his back pocket. He achieved none of this yesterday. Instead, he repeated phrases I’ve heard a million times about a “balanced approach” and the need to “rebuild our infrastructure.”
The Obama zombies no longer are swooning, and finally figured out this turd just keeps repeating the same meaningless platitudes.

Of course while she vents she has to toss in the requisite smears of Tea partiers. You know, the phrases we've all heard a million time before.
The truth is, those able to buy influence in Washington — the rich and corporate America — don’t pay their fair share while their incomes and profits soar. Meanwhile the middle class, whose incomes are flat and whose families struggle daily, pay more than ever. Somehow these Tea Party nuts have convinced voters that this is exactly the way it should be, and they’re willing to ruin the entire economy to get their way.
At what point are these liberal nuts going to realize we'd already be in smoldering ruins if the Tea Party had never come into existence? They're actually prevented even further damage.

How exactly does this blithering idiot expect the Obama damage to be undone when all she can do is lash out in childlike rage at the people who make America work?
Barack Obama should curse the Wall Street greed heads and the Tea Party know-nothings and move boldly to rescue the great beleaguered American middle class.

But he won’t. Just when we need him most, he’s turned into a gutless, quivering wimp.

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Jaafar said...

Funny how some people don't realize that the Tea Party IS the middle class.