Monday, April 16, 2007

Nothing Fair About This

Adam Thierer has a lengthy piece at City Journal about efforts to revive the Fairness Doctrine, something we thought was dead and buried years ago. But since liberals aren't satisfied dominating just 99% of the media, they need to come after those outlets where free speech still means something.
This media cornucopia is a wonderful development for a free society—or so you’d think. But today’s media universe has fierce detractors, and nowhere more vehemently than on the left. Their criticisms seem contradictory. Some, such as Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, contend that real media choices, information sources included, remain scarce, hindering citizens from fully participating in a deliberative democracy. Others argue that we have too many media choices, making it hard to share common thoughts or feelings; democracy, community itself, again loses out. Both liberal views get the story disastrously wrong. If either prevails, what’s shaping up to be America’s Golden Age of media could be over soon.
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