Friday, October 05, 2007

Atlantic City Mayor Still Missing, Party Affiliation Remains a Mystery

Lord knows we've tried to help the media out with this one, and we can only chalk it up to laziness or willful omission of the facts.

We report, you decide.

Granted, we did find one local outlet that mentioned it this morning, but curiously, the national media has zero interest in this story.

Atlantic City corrupted again as mayor disappears
ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (Reuters) - To most Americans Atlantic City is host to seedy casinos, poverty, crime, murder and corrupt politics.

Now the one-time home of Miss America is in the news for all the wrong reasons again; its mayor has gone missing after being caught embellishing his Vietnam War record.

Mayor Robert Levy told aides on September 29 he was taking sick leave, and verbally transferred authority to city official Domenic Capella in a move that members of the city council say is illegal. Levy has not been heard from since.

The crisis brought New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine to the city's famed boardwalk on Friday where he told a news conference, "What the situation is today can't go on for any extended period of time."

"I don't think it's slipping into dysfunctionality but it very easily could do," he said.

Corzine said he had asked the state's attorney general to look into whether Levy's actions were an abandonment of office and called on city leaders to resolve the crisis soon.

"I'm not here to advocate for a state takeover," he said.

Capella did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Corzine refused to say who he thought should become mayor if Levy turns out to have abandoned his office and said he did not know where Levy is.

He refused to comment on reports the mayor is under investigation by federal authorities for falsifying his military record and taking a pension linked to his military service in Vietnam.
Just what we've come to expect from Corzine: straightforward, bold, strong leadership, never refusing to be forthright and answer a simple question.

Thanks goodness the party of unknown affiliation is leading us in this time of crisis.

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