Friday, October 19, 2007

Dingy Harry Smear Letter Now Worth $2.1 Million (UPDATE): Cheesiest Stunt Ever From Dingy Harry

Hurry up, folks, there's only four hours left to bid.

Original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh Smear Letter

Some crazy bidding has gone on since we last checked in Thursday.

More from Thomas Lifson.

Hillary Clinton's Media Matters was unavailable for comment.

UPDATE: Perhaps the cheesiest stunt ever.

Just pathetic.

More here.

Rush throws him another beating.
Outrage: Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate and tried to horn in on the credit for this brilliant refutation of his smear, as if he'd meant his letter to help raise money for MC-LEF all along. Translation: "You win, Rush." Reid made no mention of Rush's matching contribution, nor did he say if any of the 41 Democrat signatories will match the bid as Rush has called on them to do. Read the transcript here.
Reuters account here.
Limbaugh, in his posting on eBay, did not appear conciliatory with Reid, who is referred to as "Dingy Harry." On his radio show shortly after bidding closed, he identified Casey as the winner.
Reid remains an asshole until the bitter end.
Reid spokesman Jim Manley declined comment on Limbaugh's challenge, but said: "Senator Reid is happy something good came from Rush's outrageous comments."
Mark Levin just read this:

The bidding ends at 1:00p.m. No mater what, Democrats are going to make a ton of money for a charity off their political vitriol.

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