Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mrs. Clinton: 'I Helped Start Media Matters'

Well, everyone pretty much knew this was the case, but Noel Sheppard over at NewsBusters noted this Monday and now Rush Limbaugh just played the clip.

Is there any doubt left who is behind this smear campaign?

UPDATE: We need to come up with a name combining Mrs. Clinton and Media Matters, since they're now clearly linked.

Clinton Matters just doesn't have any cache. Sugegstions welcome.

This completely demolishes any notion Media Matetrs is a "watchdog" group, and they'll soon find their press releases are no longer being used by the MSM; assuming, of course, the MSM wants to retain any shred of objectivity.

They also need to be stripped immediately of 501(c)(3) status and, like MoveOn.org, condemned by the Congress and Senate for their slanderous attack on Mr. Limbaugh.

Thanks to Hot Air and LGF for the video links.

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