Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Evidence Of Murtha Acting Like A Thug

One of the most interesting races last year was the challenge posed to John Murtha in PA by now retired Col Bill Russel. It is still unbelievable that Murtha got reelected especially over Mr Russell. The folks in Pennsylvania must love abuse because that is certainly all they get from Murtha.

To his credit Russell says he is going to run again and maybe this time the voters of PA will get it right. How many more examples of Murtha's cronyism and nepotism and corruption do you need? How long do you want the rest of America, especially those in the veteran community holding you in disgust because of the actions of Murtha?

While Hugya did not explicitly threaten to bring Russell up on charges during the March conversation, he apparently did in a conversation in January with Ret. Col. Gregory Ritch, who served as Russell's commanding officer.

Ritch said he was talking on the phone with Hugya about an unrelated topic when Murtha's chief of staff suddenly switched topics to Russell, whom he referred to as the "carpetbagger."

According to Ritch, Hugya said: "He's gonna get a big surprise here shortly when the new secretary of Army calls his ass back for active duty."

Ritch said he asked why, and Hugya told him Russell would be court-martialed.

Apparently acting like thugs is just second nature to Democrats. They can't win arguments so they try to ruin lives and careers like they tried to do with recent episode with Miss California and like their ongoing frivolous ethics complaints lawsuits filed against Gov Sarah Palin, which are only designed to drain the Palin's bank accounts.

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