Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flashback: Carter Called Obama a 'Black Boy'

Hmmm. Seems the failed former president is quick to call criticism of the current failed president racist.

Yet just last year it was Jimmy Carter himself calling Barack Obama a black boy.
JIM LEHRER: And do you think that -- if it happens that he is elected, or even just being nominated, is -- will send positive ripple effects throughout the country on the race issue?

JIMMY CARTER: Around the world. Around the world. And I think it already has sent a wave of approbation and admiration in many countries around the world, just knowing that this black boy who grew up with just a loving mother and grandparents -- and that was about all he had to start with -- does now have a chance to become the nominee of the Democratic Party for president.

And Rose and I have visited a few more than 125 nations since I left the White House. And we've seen a disillusionment about our country in the last eight years, with a lot of things happening, like torturing of prisoners and that sort of thing. I won't go into detail about that.

But I don't think there's any doubt that there's a spirit and a bright, new hope for America within this country and around the world. And if Obama is elected, which I think he is going to be, then I think that will be the transforming race for the end of racism, and prejudice, and hatred between races in this country.

JIM LEHRER: That's quite a statement.

JIMMY CARTER: I believe it's true.
I guess Carter no longer believes it's true.

OK, taken in context, Carter calling Obama a black boy in that instance was relatively innocuous.

So why do critics of ObamaCare not get the same benefit of the doubt now that we have a mere policy difference with the president? Carter can call Obama a black boy and gets a pass, yet those who disagree with Obama now are racist according to Carter.

Don't you just love the double standard?

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