Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teacher's Union Blocks Bonuses

It's all about the kids. I just do not get the union mentality. In Boston, a teacher's union is blocking the awarding of some bonuses to some teachers, instead demanding that the bonus money be divvied up among all the teachers.
The Boston Teachers Union staunchly opposes a performance bonus plan for top teachers - launched at the John D. O’Bryant School in 2008 and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Exxon Mobil foundations - insisting the dough be divvied up among all of a school’s teachers, good and bad.
Unions are just like our socialist-leaning Congress in that they don't want to reward achievement, but rather you have to fit into the group they designate for you, assume the mantle of victimhood that is appropriate for that group, and then just sit down and shut up. The union decides what is best for you, tells you that it is best for you, and crushes any dissenting opinion.

Welcome to the Borg Collective.

I hate to be the one to rain on their little liberal academic institution but Boston teachers are discovering what Tea Party protesters have known for a long time.

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