Monday, October 18, 2010

Dimwit Democrats Misspell 'Florida' in Lame Attack Piece on Allen West

Uh, guys, it's spelled F-l-o-r-i-d-a.


The Washington Examiner pointed this out a few hours ago and it's still up. I guess when you're coming up with an incredibly lame line of attack you don't have time to run spellcheck.
As for the claim that West has a strong connection to the Outlaws, the best I can come up with is that he attended and spoke at events where members of the large biker group were in attendance. His emails, “revealed” by NBC News, made clear that when he was holding an event that might include some of the Outlaws, he was reluctant to describe all of them as criminal when a few had “guarded” him. (Did he hire them as guards? I called his campaign to ask.) When confronted about it by NBC News, he noted he didn’t endorse the group. He didn’t denounce them, either, but whatever the case, it doesn’t look like he did the thing he’s being accused of having done.

Which brings me to another weird thing. Go ahead and do the Google search to find out what exactly all of this West-Outlaw-Biker-Gang controversy is, and you get a lot of very similar bullet points appearing on a variety of blogs, mostly left-wing, but some mainstream news sources. How on earth is it that something like this is so under-yet-over-reported?
Reminds me of when Martha Coakley misspelled Massachusetts in one of her ads. We all know how well that campaign turned out.

Incredibly, at the DCCC link they're parroting Alan Grayson's outrageously disingenuous line of attack on Dan Webster. Do they really think these smears will lead to victory?

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