Sunday, October 17, 2010

He's Mine! No, He's Mine!

Well, one of these ladies is going to get the shaft, but this guy better stop digging a hole for himself.
The married Don Juan of the trapped Chilean miners dug himself into a deeper hole when it was revealed that he had not one, but two mistresses.

Susana Valenzuela, Johnny Barrios' mistress who greeted him after his rescue on Wednesday, reportedly said her man was also romancing a 25-year-old woman. But Valenzuela, 52, squashed the relationship between Barrios and the younger woman.

When the younger paramour visited him at the hospital treating the rescued miners, Valenzuela barred her entry, according to Colombia radio station La FM.

"He is my Yonny Barrios, mine and no one else's," Valenzuela told the station.

Barrios, 50, was among the 28 of 33 miners released from the hospital Friday night. The crew spent 69 days about 2,300 feet under the Atacama Desert.

The Latin Lothario's wife, Marta Salinas, refused to show up when her hubby was hoisted up.

"If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me," Salinas told the Daily Mail of London at the time. "Otherwise we can talk through our lawyers."
In the end I think the lawyers are going to make out best from this whole mine ordeal.

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