Friday, October 15, 2010

I See Dead People

How low can Lisa Murkowski sink? Well, there's still a couple of weeks to go, but this may be rock bottom.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) will air campaign ads the late Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) filmed with her shortly before his death in August.

Murkowski told The Associated Press Thursday that she has already spoken to Stevens's family about using the ads. She is running a write-in campaign against Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.

Stevens taped the spots for Murkowski's Republican primary race just weeks before he was killed in a plane crash earlier this year. After his death, Murkowski decided not to air the ads during the primary, which she ended up losing by a razor-thin margin to Miller.
But now this pathetic shrew is desperate to cling to power, so she'll use a dead man to meet her goal. I suspect Stevens would have told her to give it up after she was swamped by Joe Miller in the primary, but then again I can't read the mind of a dead man.

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