Friday, October 22, 2010

Man Arrested After Claiming He Was Going to Eat Kittens

Has everyone lost their sense of humor?
A Pennsylvania man charged with animal cruelty denies telling his roommates that he planned to eat two badly injured kittens he carried into his apartment.

Francis McGinley tells WCAU-TV in Philadelphia that the allegations against him are absurd. The 44-year-old says he rescued the kittens from being hit by a car and took them back to his Chester, Pa., apartment to clean them up and feed them.

McGinley was arrested Sunday night after police say he told his roommates he had hit the kittens with his truck and planned to eat them.

But McGinley says he doesn't even drive and stopped to rescue the kittens because he loves animals. McGinley says his roommates are ganging up on him to get him thrown out.
Imagine what these guys would do if they knew about people putting puppies in blenders.

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