Friday, October 22, 2010

NY Times Very Excited Over Latest Wikileaks Document Dump

Of course they are. Anything that makes the United States look bad has them soiling their drawers. In fact if you look at their front page and the array of story links and photos, it quite clear they're working closely with these thugs at Wikileaks. How else would they have everything ready to release if it wasn't coordinated?

Curiously enough, one article points out how closely the Iranians were working with the enemy. It must pain them to admit this:
During the administration of President George W. Bush, critics charged that the White House had exaggerated Iran’s role to deflect criticism of its handling of the war and build support for a tough policy toward Iran, including the possibility of military action.

But the field reports disclosed by WikiLeaks, which were never intended to be made public, underscore the seriousness with which Iran’s role has been seen by the American military.
Yeah, but Bush was just some idiot cowboy who wasn't to be taken seriously, especially when the media and Democrats were so heavily invested in our defeat.

Then they get around to regurgitating the "horrors of Abu Ghraib," which we'll clearly never hear the end of. Turns out the Iraqis were far worse in their treatment of prisoners. They had no time for silly stuff like panties on heads.
The public image of detainees in Iraq was defined by the photographs, now infamous, of American abuse at Abu Ghraib, like the hooded prisoner and the snarling attack dog. While the documents disclosed by WikiLeaks offer few glimpses of what was happening inside American detention facilities, they do contain indelible details of abuse carried out by Iraq’s army and police.
Sarah Palin's uterine stalker finds it all very grim, of course, citing a report from the fair and impartial Guardian. Sure looks like they also shared early access with the Times. How convenient.

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