Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama Sinks to New Poll Low

Heartbreaking, isn't it?
President Obama's approval rating has taken another dive in the polls, down to a mere 43 percent -- while more than six of 10 voters believe the nation is on the wrong track.

The dismal results highlight the heavy burden on Democrats as they run to keep their jobs and their majority in Congress.

With the elections just three weeks away, Obama's job approval rating dropped 4 points, from 47 percent just a month ago. It's the lowest rating of his presidency in the Reuters/Ipsos poll. His disapproval rating has reached 53 percent.

Obama's approval hasn't been above 50 percent since May in the monthly survey.

Democratic approval of his handling of the economy dropped from 78 to 70 percent last month -- the lowest rating of his presidency in the poll.

Any drop in support from his own party on the top election issue presents a serious problem for Democrats, who need a strong turnout from base voters to counter an anticipated surge in Republicans at the polls.

Republicans have grabbed a 4-point advantage, 48-44, over Democrats on the "generic" question of which party voters back in their congressional district.
Maybe attacking the Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove will help him. Oh, wait...

He's crashing even among his own party.
The poll found Democrats' approval rating of Obama has dropped to 70 percent this month from 78 percent last month.
Mrs. Clinton must be secretly rubbing her hands together, wondering what to do if that approval among Democrats slips any further.

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