Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Not a Member of the Party ... and Doesn't Pay Any Rent

Naturally this kook is a registered Democrat.
According to NYPIRG number cruncher Bill Mahoney, McMillan is not one of the three registered members of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. A traitor to his cause? McMillan, who twice ran under the RTDH banner for mayor and is now the party's standard-bearer for governor, is in fact a registered Democrat.
And for a guy who says his rent is too damn high, paying nothing is a pretty good deal.
But Mr. McMillan gave The Wall Street Journal a somewhat different account of his living arrangements in an article published online on Tuesday, saying that he paid $800 a month for his own apartment. His landlord could not be reached. Mr. McMillan, asked about his comments to The Journal, said, “I was probably just trying to brush them off.”

He restated that he personally lived rent free. A few moments later, however, he refused to confirm any of his previous statements.

“Don’t look for anything I say about my living space to be true,” he said.
Can any of these Democrats tell the truth ... about anything?

Sounds like he may soon regret his sudden popularity.
McMillan disputed claims that he made anti-Semitic comments during a prior run for mayor under the pro-tenant banner.

He said he complained that Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg were getting favorable treatment for housing vouchers.
Probably an AL Sharpton acolyte.

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