Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sick and Getting Sicker: Global Warmers Now 'Hanging' Children

These maniacs seemingly are trying to outdo the Islamists. So far we've seen them blowing children up, and now these global warming maniacs are depicting children being hanged? How sick is this?

Ironically enough it's from a leftist group called ACT Responsible. Sure. If they acted responsibly they'd get off their high horse, get real jobs and become useful members of society. Instead they get off on blowing up kids on film and putting nooses around their necks.

Just imagine if a leftist politician were portrayed the same way. There'd be worldwide condemnation and hand-wringing over civility. There would be calls for hate crimes prosecutions. Instead most media just ignore craziness like this and then tell us we don't get the "humor" of it all. Seriously, how can anyone look at this image and not be outraged?

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