Friday, October 15, 2010

Surprise! O'Reilly Earns Bathtub Boy's 'Worst Person in the World' After the Shrews Melt Down on The View

It comes about midway through this roundup clip of reaction to the Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg temper tantrum Thursday. Worth an original post rather than an update to anything from yesterday. The irony of Olberfraud's nonsense is O'Reilly calmly handled himself like a man and resumed the segment with the two dimwits, more than the MSNBC bigot would ever do. Naturally, manly-man Bathtub Boy takes a swipe at one of the ladies from Fox. Stay classy, Keef.

This comes from Newsy, thanks to Stephanie. Worth it if only for the lovely Christina Hartman, I might add.

In case you missed it, after Behar freaked out over O'Reilly correcting noting it was Muslims who attacked us on 9/11, she then proceeded to host 9/11 Truther and blithering idiot Jesse Ventura last night.

the full clip if you can stomach it.

“Lost in that, of course, is that Bill O., without benefit of a script, revealed himself to be just another Fox News bigot, and Islamophobe.

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