Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warning to LA Drivers: Obama's Coming

Well, they voted for this egomaniac, so they have only themselves to blame.
Back in August, President Barack Obama came to L.A. to do some fundraising, but he ended up raising the ire of residents who got stuck behind barricades when streets were shut down to allow his motorcade to pass through.

Well, the president will be back in town to help Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer raise some money for the upcoming election.

The president is scheduled to speak to students at USC early Friday afternoon, Southern California Public Radio reports. He'll be on the same part of campus where presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon once made speeches.

But local drivers hope the traffic will flow a little better this time around.
They're pleading with the campaigner-in-chief not to make such a mess of things. You've got to laugh. When has Obama listened to anybody?
It got so bad, L.A. City councilman Bill Rosendahl introduced a motion demanding the LAPD and the L.A. Department of Transportation report on what went into deciding how traffic would be stopped and rerouted during the president's visit.

And when word got out that the president was going to visit USC, Rosendahl started making calls to the LAPD, the Secret Service and the White House.

"I think the White House has gotten the message. I think the president is sensitive to it. He does want to win votes, and the best way to win votes is 'don't give us anymore gridlock Mr. President' than we already have," said Rosendahl.
Some people just will never get it.

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