Thursday, December 09, 2010

Anti War Representative Denies Army Reserve A Training Base

First a bone to pick with the newspapers in Connecticut, come on guys put the party affiliation along with the name. I know you take it for granted everybody knows that only Dems get elected in your neck of the woods, but on the off chance somebody from out of state does stop by do us a favor.

Okay with that being said, the Army reserve want to build a training center on a piece of property near the town of Danbury. Now this isn't the sort of training center you normally think of when you think Army. It wasn't going to be used for shooting weapons or messing with things that go boom, but rather it was going to be a learning center with a motor pool.

Well Mr "I support the troops but not the mission" Murphy wasn't going to have any of that. He contacted the Army and leaned on them to reconsider acquiring this piece of land and building a reserve center there. Now the article says the matter of center has been cause for concern in the city of Danbury, which probably means some left wing idjit wrote a strongly worded letter to the editor.
Murphy, who serves the Fifth Congressional District, said the military agreed to the concession after a "lengthy" meeting he had with Army officials last week in Washington.

"I made it clear to them that they had to look at other options," Murphy said Wednesday. "This is a significant concession on their part. It's pretty unprecedented for the military to step back from a proposal they could have easily moved forward with."

He added, however, that he had "strong words" with the military and they "recognized it would be difficult to move forward without the congressman or mayor on board. But ultimately the Army can do this with or without my or the city's support."

Rep. Chris Murphy (CT-05)
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And that boys and girls is how decisions related to national security are made. I hope the Army moves the whole damn thing out of state and locates it somewhere more appreciative and friendly.

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