Thursday, December 09, 2010

Long Leg of the Law: Cardboard Cutout of Sexy Cop Increases Traffic Accidents

In theory I suppose a cardboard cop would save on manpower costs and help slow traffic. But then I guess the idea to put out a cutout of a female cop in a miniskirt hasn't quite proved the trick.
When installing a life-sized cutout of a sexy policewoman by the side of the road, it was hoped the move would slow down traffic and raise drivers' attention. Instead, the result was an number of accidents where motorists were temporarily distracted by the... ahm... assets of the cardboard model.

The models were installed at busy street junctions across the country to save cash until then spent on traffic lights. We can’t even imagine what went through the mind of the guy (it has to be a guy, right?) that thought this was a good idea.

A lot of Czechs must have a leg fetish, because local police say the accident rates have soared, as men take their eyes off the road. The scheme has actually doubled accident rates by distracting male motorists, according to online publication PoliceOracle.

"The cut-outs are distracting. I mean, mini-skirts? In this weather?" said driver Petr Lederer, who complained to the country's Interior Ministry after driving his car off the road. We think he has a point here. After all, if a girl is signaling you to stop or slow down, while wearing a miniskirt in this weather, she probably has something completely different in mind.
Some might have other uses for them.
Others made it away with the cardboard officer itself.

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