Sunday, December 05, 2010

Catastrophic Effects of Climate Change: Polar Bear Washes Up in Cancun

Only another six days of this idiocy in Cancun.
International climate change talks were in deadlock last night after Western nations were accused of 'wanting to go to the beach’'.

In a bad tempered press conference an alliance of left wing developing countries accused richer nations of trying to scupper the global warming talks.

The United Nations summit – which is being held at a luxury coastal resort hotel in Cancun, Mexico – is supposed to be paving the way to a legal treaty to prevent temperatures rising above 2C.
Yes, these people actually believe they can control the Earth's temperature.
At the end of the first week of talks, however, nations appear no closer to agreeing on the form of a new legal deal.

Most developing countries – including the world’s biggest polluter China – want an extension of the existing Kyoto Protocol which commits wealthy nations into cutting carbon dioxide emissions by five per cent by 2012.

They say it is unfair for developing countries to be tied into making legally binding cuts when industrialised nations is largely to blame for global warming.

But most Western nations want a legal agreement that includes China, India and other poorer countries.

At the start of the talks Japan stunned delegates by ruling out a new commitment period for Kyoto.

At a fiery press conference on Friday, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua said other Western states were following Japan's lead.

Venezuelan negotiator Claudia Salerno said other countries were saying 'they want to go to the beach because there is nothing to do in this hotel next week.’
Wasn't that the whole point of this confab?

As to the clown in the polar bear costume, life could be worse.

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