Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hey Hollywood, Picture This!

While California continues to grapple with a state debt that exceeds most other industrialized and third world countries the obvious answer which eludes Nancy Pelosi and here fellow travelers on the liberal crazy train is once again being proven to bear fruit.
Big movie trucks like those outside the Georgia Aquarium Thursday night are becoming a common sight in Metro Atlanta, as the film industry continues to grow here, thanks to the state's generous tax cuts and diverse locations.

But it brings an additional benefit... jobs. Hundreds of them.

I don't want the idiots in California to change a thing. In fact I hope they raise their tax rates, which will no doubt continue to be a boon to places like Nevada and the bordering states. Oh and don't give any tax cuts to the rich, you know the ones who actually hire people. I am surprised that the left coast elites could overcome their hatred of the red south, full of inbred NASCAR following, bible thumping, gun toting, racist, hillbillies to actually do business in the south but then again it is all about the money after all isn't it. Just like those greedy Wall St types liberals love to demonize. Or insurance companies. Or the oil industry.

Capitalism is good after all. Just wait until they find out we have people down here that can actually write computer code and the good folks of Washington overcome their fear of the sun and start migrating back east.

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