Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Egomaniac Who Insists He's Not Running for President to Give National Speech on Economy

Who knows, maybe the professional, angry left will line up behind him.
Mayor Bloomberg this morning will unveil a state and national plan to create more jobs - and maybe help him get a new job, too.

His slated speech at the Brooklyn Navy Yard will take leaders in Washington and Albany to task for not finding common ground to spur the economy, one insider said.

"Our economy's revival is very fragile, and business creation is what I'm going to talk about tomorrow," the mayor said yesterday. "I think New York has done a good job. We still have too many unemployed here. We've got to find work for them."

Although the mayor isn't expected to criticize President Obama, the speech gives Bloomberg another national platform as he lays the groundwork for a potential presidential run in 2012.

"That's all this is about," said one dignitary invited to the event, which is sponsored by the Association for a Better New York and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

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