Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Obama's Sister Souljah Week: Or How the Angry Left Will Remain Useful Idiots

The Hill today notes how this week is shaping up as Obama's "Sister Souljah" week, as the beleaguered, petulant POTUS smacks down his core constituency in the midst of his latest meltdown.
President Obama’s liberal critics are furious, vocal and useful to a White House trying to solve the riddle of reelection.

White House officials who last year viewed the “professional left” as an annoying bunch of ungrateful idealists living in a fantasy world now see Washington’s angry liberal class as a key but unwilling or unknowing ally in the 2012 race.
In other words, these useful idiots can stomp their feet and piss and moan as much as they'd like, but let's face it, where are they going? A third party? Ha! Good luck with that. They'd only manage to lay a red carpet for a GOP coronation. A primary challenge? Again, go ahead and try. It'll only set the current Democrat Civil War into full-blown nuclear conflict. You think if Obama were ousted that the black vote will still blindly vote 95% Democrat?
Administration officials think the political and economic environment will be better for Obama and Democrats in 2012 than it was in 2010, but they know voters will still hate Washington.

Their answer is to spend the next two years running against everyone inside the Beltway, and that means both Democrats and Republicans.

The president’s tone when he announced the tax-cut deal was a public scolding of both parties, and the professional left got another lashing at Tuesday’s press conference.

Recalling the debate over the public health insurance option, Obama blasted them for choosing ideological purity over progressive results.
What this really is is a blaring billboard highlighting how immature the left is. Here they have the most far left president they could ever dream of having (after this mess, there'll never be someone so far left elected for generations) and in less than two years, when he's lurched further left than anyone ever imagine, he's still not "progressive" enough for these babies.
And it’s not just the professional left that is angry. Every Democrat in Washington who doesn’t work at the White House is mad. When, they ask, is Obama going to start fighting?

Well, the truth is Obama has started fighting. He’s just fighting everyone, including the left.
You know things are bad when the TOTUS starts turning on him. Supposedly though, there's a method to Obama's madness: Trying to make him look like a grown up. Good luck with that.
With all the children in the Washington circus screaming, Obama will look like the grown-up, officials believe.

In many ways, the next two years will feel like a dull and prolonged version of Bill Clinton’s Sister Souljah moment. The term was coined after Clinton publicly criticized the hip-hop author and activist over her comments about race.
Let's hope the angry left fades into obscurity as fast as Sister Souljah did.

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