Thursday, December 02, 2010

Global Warmers Party in Cancun While Peasants Freeze to Death in Europe

So nice to see the global warming extremists party hard down in Cancun while Europeans are dying of cold in the streets. Surely they'll pay their respects to the dead once they shake off their hangovers and declare a fierce moral urgency to combat global cooling.
FREEZING weather has claimed 26 lives across Central Europe this week including 18 deaths in Poland where temperatures plunged to minus 33 degrees Celsius.

"Ten people died due to exposure over the last 24 hours across Poland after eight died on Tuesday," national police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski said.

Alcohol and homelessness are common factors in the deaths and the victims are primarily men, aged 35 to 60, he added.

The two factors also played a role in the freezing deaths of four men aged 47 to 61 in the neighbouring Czech Republic over the last 48 hours, police confirmed.

In Lithuania, cold weather has also claimed four lives.

Heavy snow overnight on Wednesday to Thursday forced the closure of the international airport in the Czech capital Prague and wreaked havoc on road and railway networks, officials confirmed.

Heavy snowfall earlier this week grounded flights and caused transport chaos on Poland's road and rail networks.

Temperatures plunged on Tuesday night to minus 33 degrees Celsius in the eastern city of Bialystok near Poland's eastern border with Belarus.
They'll be in Cancun for a couple of weeks, so hopefully for them the deep freeze passes before they return.

In other deeply ironic news, Japan refuses to extend the meaningless Kyoto protocol.
The delicately balanced global climate talks in CancĂșn suffered a serious setback last night when Japan categorically stated its opposition to extending the Kyoto protocol – the binding international treaty that commits most of the world's richest countries to making emission cuts.

The Kyoto protocol was adopted in Japan in 1997 by major emitting countries, who committed themselves to cut emissions by an average 5% on 1990 figures by 2012.

However the US congress refused to ratify it and remains outside the protocol.
Not that the media will mention it, but that was a 97-0 vote in the U.S. Senate back in the 1990's. Of course that was Bush's fault or something.

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