Thursday, December 02, 2010

Good News: Swedish Women Who Sunbathe Live Longer

Of course that also means the effects of the sun may be that much worse because, let's face it, this babe isn't going to look quite the same when she's 94 years old. Nice of them to include that stock shot with the story, though.
Women who sunbathe regularly live longer and enjoy health benefits which outweigh the risk of skin cancer, according to research presented at the Swedish Society of Medicine's annual conference in Gothenburg.

"Our studies show that women with active sunbathing habits live longer," said chief physician Håkan Olsson at the division of oncology at Lund University, to the local Göteborgs-Posten (GP) daily.

Studies of the sun exposure habits of 40,000 women in southern Sweden have found that the health benefits of spending extended periods in the sun outweigh the negatives, such as the increased risk for skin cancer.

Olsson argued that he was not alone in claiming "that there can be other factors other than the sun which affect the risks for developing malignant melanomas", and that exposure to the sun could help protect against a slew of other conditions.

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