Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Will Soros Post Bail for Assange?

We figure since George Soros isn't getting his money's worth for the leftwing agitators here in America, maybe he'll try his hand at bailing out this twerp.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by British police over sexual assault claims in Sweden.

The 39-year-old Australian was detained by Scotland Yard officers at around 9.30am after he voluntarily went to a police station in central London.

Police contacted Mr Assange's lawyer last night after receiving a fresh European arrest warrant from the Swedish authorities, as anger grows in the US over the latest leaked embassy cables by the whistleblowing website.

Labelling the move as a "political stunt", Mr Assange's solicitor Mark Stephens said his client wants to find out what allegations he faces so he can clear his name.

Mr Stephens has warned any attempt to extradite Mr Assange will be resisted, "mainly on the grounds that he may be handed over to the Americans".

Two women in Sweden have claimed they were sexually attacked in separate incidents when Mr Assange visited the country in August.

Sky News' foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said: "Mr Assange had sex with the two women on August the 15th and 17th but two days later they went to a police station and claimed rape and sexual molestation.

"Mr Assange admits he had consensual sex with the women but he absolutely denies the charges.

"One of the women involved in the claims is a radical feminist in Sweden who is known to have a theory that men dominate their social positions through sex and she's also been known to write a blog called 'seven steps to legal revenge'."
More on the women here.

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